Tricolor Virgin Mary Set

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Tricolor gold plated Virgin Mary jewelry set consisting of a necklace, earrings, and bracelet/anklet. You can either buy the set, or buy the pieces separately.

If you buy the set you will be saving $64, than if you were to purchase the items separately. That is almost half the price. 

The chain is a yellow gold plated figaro chain, and dangling from them are yellow. white, and rose gold plated oval Virgin Mary medallions that are small in size. At the end of the extenders of the chains is a beautiful heart charm. 

The earrings are classic leaver back earrings. 

The beauty of figaro chains is that you can clasp it shorter at any of the links. Due to the extenders, the necklace is adjustable. 

The necklace can be worn up to 19 inches.

The bracelet/anklet can be worn between 7 to 8 1/2 on the extender, but again the chains can be clasped as short as you would like in the links. 

The standard women's bracelet is 7 inches, while the standard women's anklet is 9 inches.