Spooky Mystery PR Package Deal

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What This Is: Three or five jewelry items at a discounted price in our PR box. 

You are guaranteed to pay less than if you ordered separately. This is a package deal. 

The jewelry itself is not spooky themed. It is our usual jewelry that you can wear year round. Only the packaging is spooky themed. 

Please select in the drop down menu if you want three or five items. 

Gender: You can request if you want female, male, or unisex jewelry in the dropdown menu. 

Chain Length: If you have a preference on the chain length (in the case that we do send a necklace/chain) please state your preference in the note box in your cart.
The choices are 18, 20, 22, 24, and 26 inches.

Special Requests: If any jewelry type goes against your beliefs please write that in the note box in your cart, and we won’t send that. Also, if you do not have pierced ears and do not want to be sent earrings, you can request that. You can also write your ring size, in the case we sen rings. 

Note: Sent in spooky PR box and spooky jewelry boxes. Please note that all out packaging is handmade and one of a kind. They will not all look like the ones in the photo. It will only be spooky themed within the color range shown. Thank you. 

Fun Fact: Our influencers never know what they get either. We also send PR mystery style.