MAMA Necklace And/Or Anklet

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Gold plated figaro chain featuring our gold plated diamond inspired intitial charms, spelling out "MAMA".

You have a choice of an anklet, necklace, or both. If you choose both, you will be saving $10. 

The anklet is 9 inches long which is standard size for women's anklets.

The beauty of a figaro chain is that it can be worn as short as you would like, by latching the clasp on any of its links. So this way it can be worn as a bracelet as well.

The necklace is available in 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches. If you have a length preference please state it in the note box in the cart. Otherwise a 20 inch chain will be sent. 

Note: We also have this listed where you can customize what the letters spell out. It is also listed with "MOM".