Boujie Box

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We try our best as a small business to send many of our orders in this style box, but it is also very important to us to be able to sell our jewelry at the lowest price we can. Each of these "boujie boxes" cost our small business $7 to make, and sometimes our own profit for the jewelry is less than that. For this reason many of our orders also ship in our equally beautiful classic box (you can see how it in the 2nd photo). If you would to guarantee your packaging will be in this box please feel free to order this. Or maybe you would like to store your previous purchases in here. The jewelry box comes with one pouch, and the box itself has slots for a necklace, a pair of earrings, and a ring. Please keep that in mind when deciding how many to order. We are charging less than our own cost for this packaging, as we want you all to have the boujie experience. It was very important to us to not raise our prices on jewelry or shipping.