1 To 6 Birthstone Kids With Eyes

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This is the same as our Birthstone Kid and our Multiple Bling Birthstone Kids, but with the option to add round blue eyes to your necklace for just $5. For each kid, there will be an eye charm. 

How To Order: 

Please select kid amount. Then please state the genders and birthstones of the kids in the note box in your cart. Thank you.

The order doesn’t matter since you can place them however you like when they arrive. 

We send the chains in the lengths of 18, 20, 22, 24, and 26 inches. If you have a preference please state it in the note box in your cart.  

The chains are classic gold plated figaro chains. 

These are very high quality gold plated necklaces that feature boy and girl kid charms that have bright and shiny round stones, inspired by birthstone gemstones. The kids are divided by diamond inspired silver balls. This version comes with blue eyes too.  Please refer to 2nd photo to see your kids birthstones.